Last year alone, Coldwell Banker sold 25,000 homes worth $1 million or more, including some of the world’s most distinguished properties. The new Previews luxury program is designed to increase that performance, especially in the rapidly-expanding global luxury real estate market.

Coldwell Banker revised Previews certification course for agents includes an immersive and exclusive approach to learning how to operate in the luxury real estate market. Led by top agents in the luxury space, the fortified certification course pairs the experience and first-hand knowledge of successful luxury agents with industry-leading resources to help agents meet and exceed the expectations of their most affluent clients. The new program provides learning, networking, marketing resources and mentorship to the newest generation of up-and-coming luxury agents.

A completely redesigned luxury website,, makes it easy for agents to collaborate and share marketing materials for listings with their peers around the world. The platform will power the Previews website in multiple languages, underscoring the global appeal of luxury real estate and the strengthening of the Coldwell Banker global network. The all-new platform engages luxury real estate agents in over 75 countries globally.

Building off of past years’ successes, Coldwell Banker recently unveiled its quarterly Homes and Estates magazine. For the first time ever, the magazine, which features top listings from around the world alongside luxury lifestyle content, will be available globally on newsstands and at Barnes and Noble. The magazine will also be distributed to subscribers of Unique Homes and will be available for download on the Previews Inside Out blog.

“Coldwell Banker has been a leader in luxury real estate for more than 80 years,” said Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “That’s not by luck, rather it’s by continually improving our program to ensure it serves the next generation of luxury customers all over the world. Each enhancement we make ensures that agents are prepared to succeed in the luxury real estate market and can effectively collaborate with their peers in our global network.”