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Kenwood/ Glen Ellen

Welcome to the hidden gems of Kenwood and Glen Ellen, set within the picturesque landscapes of Sonoma County. These charming communities offer a retreat into the heart of wine country’s tranquility, where vineyards and rolling hills paint an exquisite backdrop for your journey. In Kenwood, you’ll find a laid-back ambiance perfect for leisurely exploration. Sip on world-class wines in intimate tasting rooms, and enjoy scenic picnics surrounded by grapevines. Just a stone’s throw away, Glen Ellen captures your imagination with its rustic charm. Home to the famed writer Jack London, the town offers a glimpse into literary history through the Jack London State Historic Park, where you can explore his captivating life and writings. Both Kenwood and Glen Ellen invite you to experience a slower pace of life – dine at cozy eateries, traverse shaded hiking trails, and rejuvenate in the embrace of natural hot springs. These neighboring towns open their arms to offer you an intimate and inviting escape amidst the wonders of wine country.

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